Cornwall Beer Gas Supplies

J Gas Supplies can provide a full range of cylinder types and sizes. All our cylinders are maintained and tested to current British Industry Standards. Our rigorous and ongoing testing schedule enables us to accurately forecast our future cylinder requirements and ensures that 100% of our customers cellar gas needs are met. 

Emergency Gas Supply Service

If we can't get to you on the same day, we will always endeavour to have a cylinder lent to you to keep you going until we can reach you.

Weekly Delivery Service Throughout Cornwall and Devon

Keep your beer gas stocks at a manageable level

Flexible Payment Options

Pay As You Go - Monthly Account

Safety & Security

All of our cylinders are fully tested, Quality Assured and certified to Food Grade standards

All Your Beer Gas Needs From J Gas Supplies

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Mixes, Gas Blenders

A Friendly Personal Service

Knowledgable staff who understand your business and your needs

30 years Local Service by a Cornish Family Company

Supplying Cornwall's best pubs, clubs, hotels, bars and restaurants with beer gas